ItsyRealm is a single-player RPG. It’s very much a work in progress.

In ItsyRealm, you set forth on an awesome quest to discover the secrets of a necromancer god. Along the way, you’ll use tons of unique combat strategies using sword, staff, and bow to slay mythical monsters and eldritch abominations. Utilize skills to gather resources while raiding dungeons, forests, ruins, seas, and more to craft powerful equipment and items. You’ll have to help a bunch of like-minded adventurers achieve their own victories. And should you fail, the world will succumb to the ruin of the Old Ones.


  • A bunch of skills, from gathering skills like mining and fishing to artisan skills like crafting and smithing to combat skills like magic and archery
  • A lot of resources and equipment to find and craft
  • A variety of monsters utilizing unique combat strategies
  • Interesting combat
  • Awesome story
  • Adorable graphics

technical features

  • Over 60,000 LOC (Lua & C++)
  • Behavior trees & goal planning
  • Flexible UI system
  • Client-server architecture (even though it’s currently single-player)
  • ECS/OOP/event hybrid gameplay model
  • GameDB, storing all relationships of all content (from items to skills to quests and everything inbetween)