The Modernists

A trio of unfortunate characters. Mr. Prufrock is too young to realize the danger of the slightly-older Mr. Dedalus’s seemingly innocent plans. And the poor bug is forced to watch, seemingly immortal, yet deprived of sleep because he is merely just a fly and incapable of dreaming, for good or bad.

The cunning detective, Mr. Edgar, and his eerie familiar, Allan Croe, have met their match as a string of murders terrorize the literary elite in the bizarre, anachronistic city they reside in.

A bizarre totem seen, in some form, near the crime scenes. Seems like the skull of a cow, but there’s something not quite right…

Mr. Edgar’s office. Organized, but definitely hollow. Whatever life Mr. Edgar had before he woke in this black-and-white world is unimportant, but the emptiness of his position as a detective provides no comfort.