Love2D with some 3D goodness

I’ve been hacking at Love2D and added a few methods:

— Transforms the top model matrix by look at matrix, with eye[XYZ]
— looking at target[XYZ] and up being up[XYZ] eyeX, eyeY, eyeZ, targetX, targetY, targetZ, upX, upY, upZ)

— Sets a perspective projection matrix.
— * fieldOfView is in radians.
— * Near must be greater than zero.
— * Far must be greater than near., aspectRatio, near, far)

— Sets an orthographic projection matrix., right, top, bottom, near, far)

— Also added 3D transformation variants to Matrix, Transform, and Graphics.

So I made a 3D demo in a few hours today between classes:

Pretty neat. You can download it here. Of course, you’ll need to my fork of Love2D, so here’s a pre-compiled binary for Windows 64-bit.